Sterile Piercing Healing Disc - Prevents Bumps & Pull - 3mm, 5mm & 7mm


Clear medical grade soft flexible silicone disc to help aid the healing of keloid or hypertrophic scarring on body piercings. Sits between the inside of the piercing and the flat back of the jewellery.
These Piercing Discs provide a comfortable barrier, which keeps the back of the jewellery from causing irritation, additional swelling, or becoming
If swelling persists, becomes sore or appears infected then please consult your piercer, doctor or pharmacist for further advice.

Free from Latex, BPA, PVC and Phthalates

Suitable for Oral, Facial, Lobe & other Ear Piercings

Please Note - Fit will depend on area size, so please check you have room for the disc before purchase. Also if using with a bar, ensure you have sufficient bar length to accommodate the disc.
O-rings can also be used to hold the disc in place if needed, use the size required to fit your jewellery, these are sold separately.

DO NOT: use any oils, pastes or soaks, etc. while wearing the Discs

Sterilise the area and hands before use

Thickness - 1mm approx

3mm suitable for 0.8mm - 1.2mm piercings

5mm suitable for 0.8mm - 1.6mm piercings

7mm suitable for 0.8mm - 1.6mm piercings

Singles or Packs Available